Investing in Thailand Property

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    Investing in Thailand Property

    We are a company that is specialized in selling Houses, Condos, from private owners as well from project developers. Our major specialty however is buying and selling of Land plots for foreign investors, in the meanwhile we have a large group of investors, that’s still growing by mouth to mouth advertising. If you wish we can provide you different references. A plot of land can double and sometimes even triple it’s value within one year, but you have to know which Land plots you should buy, with the knowledge and experience which make you sure you can sell it again with a great profit.

    Most of our customers buy and sell directly through us without even taken a look at the land, but for those customers that don’t know us this is of course a kind of tricky option without any certainty. To give you this certainty there are different ways or structures that will make your investment very certain and even without any risk.

    First of all you have to form a Thai Ltd. in which you on the moment of registration can posses 49% of the shares, but at the same moment your Thai shareholders will sign official documents, all of this with the presence of a lawyer, in which they confirm to put almost all there shares on your name, what will make you immediately the Director and the only person who is able to make any decisions in the Ltd., you also won’t have to pay any dividend because we will make sure your Ltd. won’t make any profit (on paper) but also no loss. So this means you won’t have to pay tax, however there is a yearly standard fee when you own a Ltd. of about 300 Euro, whatever you do. But you cannot compare this with the ridiculous amounts of Tax you have to pay in Europe.

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    When you made an investment in Thailand and you want to return your money to your country, you have to show prove at the bank where your money came from, this must be done by a bank transfer, so you have to save your bank documents when you have transferred money to Thailand very carefully, this together with a document from the Land office which shows you have sold the Land and you can return your money to your country. We will assist you in the complete period of buying and selling. We can open a Bank account for you while in fact you cannot open a bank account on a tourist visa; however we have the right contacts to arrange everything for you from A to Z.

    When you are going to register your Ltd. you have to mention the company’s capital (this is a formality and only paperwork) if you want to invest 1 Million Bath with your Ltd., then that amount is all you can use for your investment. So make sure that the company’s capital at registration is the same as the amount that you want to invest. Your other shareholders, who still have a few shares, will lend the money from you on paper. One of the most common ways for a proper and secure structure is to sell your the moment when you are selling your Land. This is the most lucrative way in two ways, first of all, you won’t have to pay any Land Transfer Tax and you won’t have to register at the Land office. If you have done this and you want to do it again you just form a new Ltd.. We will provide you a very well known and reliable Lawyer (you can also choose your own Lawyer) who will also provide you your other shareholders; these are people with a registered home address and with a salary which they can prove by their Bank documents. This is a lot of paperwork, but we will take care of all of this, we check everything and we assist you when you start your Ltd. what will cost you about 600 Euro.

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    There are still quit some very good property for sale in the Hua Hin area for very fair prices, we have a lot of experience with this and all of our clients are very happy with us. It is up to you how much return on investment you want to achieve, in most cases, it’s the longer you wait, the higher your return on investment will be.

    If there is something not clear to you, please don’t hesitate to contact us and we will take our time to provide all the information you need!

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