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    Dubai was the first emirate of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) to get involved in freehold real estate at a time when the buying and selling of property in Dubai was previously restricted to GCC Nationals. The number of expatriates living in the UAE as a whole, especially Dubai facilitated the need to offer the many overseas residents the opportunity to make Dubai a permanent home. With the initial Dubai freehold property law coming into place in 2001, and subsequent property developments such as The Greens and Dubai Marina announced, all signs pointed to a successful future freehold market.

    The need for residential space has grown at the same rapid pace as commercial space, meaning demand for property outstrips supply. Whether it is houses, offices, restaurants, showrooms, warehouses or any other type of property, with such high demand to buy freehold properties in Dubai , property rarely stays on the Dubai real estate market for any great length of time and investors should use a reliable property service like to make this process easier.

    Several years on, the success of Dubai freehold property has now been realised and everyone wants to own a freehold property in this exciting Emirate of the UAE. Thanks to the vision of His Highness Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, ruler of Dubai, the creation of freehold property laws that allow expatriates to purchase properties within certain developments have led to large influxes of investment into the Emirate, and have propelled the economic growth rates of the entire country to extremely high levels and secured Dubai itself as an iconic destination.

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    With a diverse and interesting selection of freehold properties currently available on the Dubai property market, and more and more developments facing completion each day, the leading freehold property developers of Dubai , such as Nakheel and Emaar, continue to offer quality properties for residents and overseas investors to purchase. We offer a comprehensive list of all freehold property in Dubai that is currently available on the market both apartments and villas, as well as providing all the necessary services required when buying, selling and renting real estate in Dubai .
    The purchase of freehold property in Dubai means that the property is registered in the owner’s name for life in most of the developments on the market, as well as a few developments offering 99-year leases alternatively. Owners are issued with a contract for their purchased property and, as with buying property in any other country, it is important to read all the details and any restrictions that may exist concerning renting and maintenance costs. We also recommend that all property buyers seek proper legal advice when purchasing any type of residential or commercial property in Dubai , as the Dubai property law is designed to protect you and buying freehold property is still a major investment.

    Dubai ‘s population explosion has resulted in large numbers of investors and new residents from the world over buying, selling, renting and investing in both residential and commercial property in Dubai . With huge numbers of new businesses registering in Dubai , thanks to the creation of free trade zones, the demand for property in Dubai has grown exponentially since the introduction of freehold property law. Just as with the various freehold residential developments in Dubai , the government has taken the initiative to make Dubai more viable as a business hub and now offers a vast amount of freehold office space within these trade zones such as DIFC and Business Bay.

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    Whether you are looking to buy, sell or rent residential and commercial property in Dubai , we have an extensive number of property listings on our books, and our professional staff are ready and waiting to assist you. We have access to information on available Dubai freehold properties to suit your individual wants and needs, excellent local knowledge of the Dubai property market and we will be glad to offer further advice on financing and legal matters. The Dubai freehold property market is the ideal place to buy a property for investment purposes, to rent, or to keep as a home, we aim to help make such a big decision like buying a freehold property in Dubai that little bit easier.
    Whether you are looking to buy or sell Dubai freehold property let us find you a dream apartment or villa that you will be happy with for the rest of your life.

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